Revision Workshops
“Working According to the Cross-check Principle”

Since the introduction of DIN EN 15038, numerous discussions have taken place regarding the technical and legal side of the quality assurance process. When it comes to the actual revision work, however, expectations are not always clear.

This workshop aims to find out what the translation market expects of revisors, targeting all members of the revision process, from members of company translation departments, translation agency owners and staff, to the freelancers in the field who do the revision work, as well as seasoned revisor-translator teams.

Does revision work call for simply ensuring correctness and completeness, or does it involve in-depth editing and stylistic reworking? Is the ideal revisor a fellow translator or an expert in the subject area? Another native speaker of the target language or rather a native speaker of the source language? Is it important for the revisor to live in the country in which the text will be used? How much work should the revision entail? When does revision stop and retranslating begin?

The workshop will begin with a look at typical revision scenarios. In the second part of the session, participants will be asked to do relevant exercises and an actual revision job (German–English or English–German) in accordance with a specific brief.