Teaching and continuing education
Translator training
After teaching in private industry for eight years, Karen Leube joined the faculty of the University of Heidelberg’s Institute for Translation and Interpreting (IÜD) in 1992. At the IÜD, she offered courses on biomedical technology in cooperation with local hospitals and research institutions, in addition to numerous courses focusing on German-English translation, translation theory, and translating as a profession. Since leaving the IÜD in 2004, she has taught continuing education courses for translators and interpreters, including the BDÜ Baden-Württemberg’s series “Anatomy for Medical Translators.” Karen Leube was on the faculty at the University of Mainz (FTSK) in Germersheim from October 2008 to April 2010.

Sprachkurse für medizinisches Personal
As a native speaker of English with years of experience in the classroom and handling medical texts, I have had the privilege of helping future health professionals, such as the Physician Assistants enrolled at the DHBW Karlsruhe.

I also offer customized language courses for health professionals, including the courses below:

■ Medical English for Physicians
■ Medical English for Nurses
■ English for Laboratory Personnel
■ Deutsch als Fremdsprache für Medizin und Pflege

Translation Workshops “Anatomy for Translators”
Karen Leube was the coordinator and workshop facilitator for the BDÜ Baden-Wüttemberg’s eight-part series for medical translators “Medizinische Übersetzungen: Die Sicht des Anatomen.” The weekend seminars combined morning anatomy lectures by a professor of anatomy, clinical lectures and demonstrations by experts from a variety of institutions and afternoon translation workshops in which related texts were translated from German to English and English to German (facilitated by Karen Leube and Renate Chestnut).

Anatomy for translators for the BDÜ Baden-Württemberg:

This series was updated and repeated from March 2010 to October 2012 with workshop facilitator Jeannette Lakèl.

The precursor event was a translation workshop and seminar held at the American Translators Association’s Annual Conference in New Orleans in November 2006: Anatomy for Translators, ATA Conference in New Orleans.

Revision Workshops “Working According to the Cross-check Principle”

Karen Leube launched her revision course for translators at the BDÜ conference held in Berlin in September 2010. She expanded the 90-minute workshop into a one-day workshop, holding the course in this format for various state chapters of BDÜ (Bavaria, Rhineland-Palatinate) and the national organization’s continuing education service in Berlin. In November 2011, she facilitated the workshop at BDÜ’s “Tag der Sprachendienste”, which focused on translators working at in-company translation departments from private industry and non-profit organizations. Since then, she has expanded the workshop to a two-day format and has facilitated the workshop for the German government’s continuing education Federal Academy of Public Administration (BaköV) several times. She now cofacilitates the workshop with Janet Carter-Sigglow, head of Language Services at the research center Forschungszentrum Jülich. The workshop was held most recently at Deutsche Flugsicherung in Langen, Germany.

German courses
Karen Leube was appointed to the faculty of Aalto University School of Business, MikkeliCampus, where she taught Basics in Business German 1 and 2 in 2015.